Infrared heaters types

There are three main types/classes of infrared heating:
Short wave infrared heaters

Short wave or bright quartz infrared heaters/heating lamps operate in the 780-1400 nm wavelength range and can reach/release temperatures above 1300°C. Shortwave heaters can be:
Shortwave heaters should be mounted further away from people, because the emitted heat is too "sharp", in order to avoid discomfort being close to the heater. These heaters can give a "hot overhead" effect, as well as dry eyes and skin.

Therefore, if short wave infrared heaters are used improperly and placed too close to humans, they can cause skin and eye dryness over time.

Short wave heaters features:
So for these resons shortwave heaters are used in large, hard to heat, low temperature indoor premises, installed high up and often used as zonal heaters for a particular space heating.

Medium wave infrared heaters

Medium wave infrared heaters operate in the 1400-3000 nm wavelength range and emit/radiate around 600-800°C temperature. These types of heaters, heating lamps are used in natural glass melting or blowing processes, in the plastics industry and for space/area heating indoors and outdoors.

Medium wave heaters can be:
Medium wave infrared heating elements are reaching operating temperatures very quickly. Therefore, this type of heater is used for space heating indoors and outdoors, as well as in manufacturing (curing adhesives, drying paints and other surfaces, plastic product manufacturing or in natural glass melting/blowing processes, etc.). Also, this type of heater is used for animal heating, food industry and so on.

Medium wave infrared heaters are more and more used for heating public and commercial spaces, as these types of heaters are energy efficient and safe, and can be installed on ceilings, walls, and other low-rise areas. Also, the life of the heating elements is much longer than that of quartz elements (short wave, IR A wave length heaters).

Medium wave infrared heaters do not create a "sharp" feeling of heat and therefore do not cause side effects, as do short wave heaters. They also consume much less energy.

Medium wave heaters features:
Therefore, medium wave heaters can be used in both indoor and outdoor areas for zone or full heating.

Far wave infrared heaters

Far wave infrared heaters operate in the range of more than 3000 nm. Far wave infrared heating elements emit much lower temperatures, typically around 100°C and there are no visible light.

Most often, the elements of far wave infrared heaters are ceramic or carbon fiber. Due to their features (eg. lower generated temperature), this type of heater is used for continuous and supplementary heating of domestic, commercial and public premises. This type elements are also widely used in modern infrared saunas.

The emiting surface temperature of 100 ° C is a very important feature of far wave infrared heaters, as because of this heat distribution is even and this allows to achieve extremely high energy efficiency.

It is also very important to note that when choosing an infrared heating panel, need to pay attention to the working temperature of it. If the panel is operating at temperatures above 100°C, it will not be as efficient as operating at temperatures below 100°C.

Far wave heaters features
Far wave infrared heaters are safe for humans and animals. This type of heating elements have an extremely long working life.

Infrared heaters types Infrared heaters types Infrared heaters types Infrared heaters types