Why infrared heating panels?

Infrared heating panels primarily heat floors, tables, chairs and other solid objects and people in the room. The air heats is heated indirectly from heat accumulated in objects.

Infrared heating panels are the great heating solution to maintain a constant room temperature and ventilation level.

Both residential and commercial or office premises require constant ventilation. Because it, albeit indirectly, leads to a concentration of work and so on. Heating with infrared heating plates does not cause the "useless" mixing of air and dust that is characteristic of convection heaters. The new generation of heaters, based on the operation of infrared rays, allows to maintain a set constant temperature, while at the same time controlling the level of ventilation in the premises. This is achieved because the air is not heated directly.

Other features of infrared heating panels:

1. Noise-free heating
2. No need for central heating - all systems are autonomous
3. No maintenance required
4. On average, it works for 4 - 6 hours. per day
5. Savings on heating costs
6. Does not cause air flow (dust) circulation compared to convection heating
7. Doesn’t take up much space
8. Low installation costs
9. 5 year warranty

Why infrared heating panels?