Halogen heaters SolBee

Halogen infrared heaters SolBee are designed for efficient and fast heating of rooms, individual areas in large spaces or outdoor terraces. Halogen heaters are ideal heating when you need an instant heat source, or to heat large workstations that do not have the possibility to increase the temperature with convection or other types of heaters, or where the cost of installing and heating in other ways would be disproportionately high. Infrared heaters SolBee are perfect heating solution for particular space in premises. This makes halogen infrared heaters an excellent choice for heating of commercial, industrial, commercial premises, indoor or outdoor cafes, terraces, churches or gyms.

Halogen infrared heaters SolBee are supplied in:
The heaters can be installed on a wall/ceiling or placed on the special stand, which helps to direct the heat flow in the right direction. Halogen lamps have a lifetime of approximately 7000 hours. All product cases are made of powder coated steel.