Heating panels SolBee

Infrared heating panels SolBee are designed for heating residential, commercial and public premises. Heating panel emitted heat is distributed evenly in heated room, reaching objects and walls. During heating, the walls are dried because the emitted heat removes moisture, mold and fungi. The air in room is reheated from the warmed walls and objects. The heat rays emitted by the infrared heating panel are long-wave infrared (heat) waves and are completely safe for humans and animals, making panels an ideal way to heat a room.

Infrared heating panels Solbee can be installed both on the ceiling and on the wall. By mounting the panels on the ceiling, they can be mounted by attaching them to them or integrating them into Amstrong, Thermatex, Rockfon and other suspended ceiling systems (600x600, 600x1200 and 1200x1200 mm). When attaching the heating panels to the wall, part of the heat will be transferred by convection.

Infrared heating panels are thin (3 cm) and therefore take very little space. All heat generated by the panel is directed from the front to the environment. The back plate of the heater does not heat up due to the insulating layer inside it.

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Infrared heating panels are supplied in white color, RAL9016.

The infrared heating panel should be connected to a power line controlled by a room thermostat. The room thermostat maintains preset room temperature and switches on the panel if the temperature needs to be increased, or switches off the panel, when the preset temperature is reached. The heating panel must be powered by a separate wire with a circuit breaker (switch) in order to be able to disconnect the panel from the from power supply, if the heating panel is connected to a permanent installation wires. Infrared panel heaters are covered with 5 year warranty.