Why infrared heating?

Infrared (IR) heating gives a person the same feeling as pleasant heating under the summer sun. However, unlike the sun, which is normal for us, only IR heat does not emit UV rays that are dangerous to health.

Infrared heating panels emit far (long) IR waves. Far wave infrared heaters emit heat at much lower temperatures than short wave or medium wave heaters. The temperature of the heating panels does not reach 100 °C and does not emit visible light. Therefore, infrared heating panels are perfect for continuous and additional heating of domestic, commercial and public premises. Infrared heating panels SolBee could be installed on the ceiling or wall. When installing heating panels on the ceiling, they can be installed by attaching them to ceiling or integrating them into Amstrong, Thermatex, Rockfon and others suspended ceiling systems, so they became an “invisible” source of heat.

Halogen heaters emit medium IR waves. Medium wave infrared heating elements are reaching operating temperatures very quickly. Therefore, halogen heaters are used for space heating indoors and outdoors, as well as in manufacturing (curing adhesives, drying paints and other surfaces, plastic product manufacturing or in natural glass melting/blowing processes, etc.), animal heating, food industry and etc.. Thus, halogen infrared radiant heaters more and more are used for heating public and commercial spaces, because this type of heaters are energy efficient and safe, they can be hung on the ceiling, walls, other low spaces. Also, the lifetime of heating elements is much longer than quartz heating elements (short wave, IR A wave generating heaters). It should be noted that medium wave infrared heaters do not create a "sharp" feeling of heat and therefore do not cause side effects, as do short wave heaters. They also consume less energy.

Infrared heating is an energy-efficient heating because all the electricity consumed by both the heating panels and the halogen heaters is converted into heat. In addition, both infrared heating panels and halogen heaters allow efficient heating of certain areas or individual workplaces, rather than the entire space in the room. With zone heating, the user can raise the temperature in certain places when the room temperature could be kept relatively low. The halogen infrared heaters are also a great choice for heating terraces and other open spaces.